Top Run Spare Part is a leading supplier of XCMG crane spare parts with more than 10 years of export experience in China. We supply full range of 

genuine original XCMG crane parts, as well as good quality OEM parts for the following models:


XCMG truck crane: QY16B.5, QY20B.5, QY20G.5, QY25K, QY25K-II, QY25K5-I, QY30K5-I, XCT30, QY50K, QY50KA, XCT50, QY70K, QY70K-I, XCT80, 

QY90K, QY100K-I, QY130K, QY160K spare parts;

XCMG All Terrain Crane: QAY55, QAY130, QAY160, QAY180, QAY200, QAY220, QAY240, QAY260, QAY300, QAY400, QAY450 spare parts;

XCMG Crawler crane: QUY50, QUY150, QUY220 spare parts;


The spare parts include a wide range like engine parts, transmission parts, brake parts, axle parts, cylinders, boom sections, telescoping parts, sheaves, 

winches, cab parts, Pulley, Winch, slewing bearing, reducer, hooks, wire rope, repair kits, PAT safety system parts Hirschmann parts, length and angle 

sensors, crane displays, circuit boards, anti two block limit switch, pressure transducers, LMI cables, valve, Hydraulic gear pumps, lights, steering pump and so on. 

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