In Year 2004.Qingdao Top Run International Trade Co.,Ltd, started from a humble spare parts store, we mainly focus on China domestic market spare parts sale and machinery maintenance at the very beginning.

In Year 2007.After 3 years’ development, we have focused our core business on exportation of China brand construction machine spare parts. Such as: XCMG,Sinotruk,Shacman,Weichai,Shangchai. 

In Year 2010.Our business areas cover Africa, Latin America, Mid-east, Russia, Middle & South east Asia etc. In advantage of the convenient transportation, we could supply all kinds of Chinese brand construction machinery spare parts .
In Year 2014.We expanded our business scope,added more brands spare part to meet clients’ more request,such as:Liugong,Shantui,Foton,Sany,Zoomline,JAC etc.
Nowadays,our supply chain is strong and mature. Chinese brand machines are more and more accepted by the world, especially in developing areas. It has been playing an important role for their infrastructure construction.Due to this boosting machinery demand, spare parts service also becomes a vital factor to ensure machines' well-running. Our customer group both contains machine end users and spare parts dealers. Even the customer needs a tiny bolt, we can also provide suitable service.

Welcome to contact with us. We are always here to welcome worldwide customers come to cooperate with us !

Our location

- We are very close to the major brands factories as well as their original parts manufacturers, like XCMG, SHANTUI, SINOTRUK, WEICHAI, SHANGCHAI. Much developed logistics network guarantees fast delivery.

- Our warehouse at Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone is 5 minutes far to Qingdao Port(a major sea ports in north China), and 30 minutes to Qingdao Airport.

Product Range

We supply a wide range of machinery spare parts as follows:

1. XCMG Truck Crane Parts: 

XCMG QY20B, QY20K5, QY25K, QY25K-II, QY25K5, QY25K5-I, QY25K5A, QY30K5-I, QY50K, QY70K, QY100K, QY130K, XCT16, XCT35, XCT75, XCT80, XCT100, XCT130, XCT220, XCT8L4, XCT12L4, XCT20L4, XCT25L5, XCT55L5, XCT55L6 truck crane parts, XCMG QUY50, QUY150, QUY220 crawler crane parts. 

2. ZOOMLION & SANY Truck crane parts:

ZOOMLION QY16V441, QY16D431, QY16D431.2, QY20V441, QY20V541, QY20D431.2, QY25V532.1, QY25V532.2, QY25V531.1, QY25V542.4, QY25V541, QY30V532.1, QY30V532.3, QY30V532.5, QY50D531.3, QY50V532.6, QY55D531, QY55V532, QY55V542, QY50V531, QY50V, QY70V521, QY70V533.2T, QY70V533.3, QY70H531, QY70V533, QY80V532, QY80V542, QY100V, QY130, SANY QY25C, QY100, QY130, STC75, STC200, STC250 , STC500, STC1000, STC1300 truck crane parts.

3. XCMG Wheel Loader PARTS: 

ZL30G, ZL40G, ZL50G, ZL50GL, ZL50GN, LW300K, LW300F, LW300FN, LW500F, LW500FN, LW400K, LW600K, LW800K, LW900K, LW1200K wheel loader parts.

4. XCMG Motor grader parts: 

GR100, GR135, GR165, GR180, GR200, GR215, GR215A, motor grader parts. 

5. XCMG Excavator parts: 

XE80E, XE135B, XE150D, XE215C, XE215CLL, XE235C, XE265C, XE260CLL, XE335C, XE370CA, XE470C excavator parts. 

6. SHANTUI Bulldozer parts: 

SD13, SD16, SD22, SD23, SD32, SD42-3 bulldozer parts.

7. SHANTUI Wheel loader parts: 

SL20W, SL30W, SL50W, SL60W, SL80W wheel loader parts. 

8. SHANTUI Excavator parts: 

SE135, SE215, SE210W, SE220, SE220LC, SE240, SE245LC, SE330, SE370LC, SE470LC excavator parts.

9. LIUGONG parts: 

LIUGONG CLG816, CLG835, CLG836, CLG856, CLG856H, CLG842, ZL40B, ZL50CN wheel loader parts; LIUGONG Excavator CLG920, CLG922, CLG925 parts; LIUGONG Motor Grader CLG414, CLG416, CLG418 parts. 

10. FOTON LOVOL parts:

FL936 FL938 FL956 FL958 Wheel Loader spare parts. 

11. SINOTRUK HOWO 380, A7 truck parts, SHACMAN F3000 X3000 truck parts.

12. WEICHAI diesel engine: 

WD615, WD12, WP4, WP6, WP10, WP12 assembly and spare parts; WEICHAI DEUTZ TD226B diesel engine assy and parts;

13. SHANGCHAI diesel engine: 

C6121, D6114, G6135 spare parts; 

14. YUCHAI diesel engine: 

YC6108, YC6G240-30, YC6G270-30, YC6G300-30, YC6G240-40, YC6G270-40, YC6A, YC4FA, YC4A, YC4D, YC4F, YC6B assembly and spare parts; 

15. CUMMINS diesel engine:

6BT5.9-C130, 6BT5.9-C170, 6BT5.9-C175, 6BT5.9-C215, 6CTA8.3C215, 6CTA8.3C240, NTA855-C280, NTA855-C280S10, NTA855-C360, NTA855-C360S10, KTA19-C525 spare parts;

16. YTO diesel engine: 

Luotuo LR6B3 LR6A3Z-20 LR6108G LR6108TX3 LR6105ZT14 LR6108T52C LR4108G LR4105G YTR4105G LFR4105G YT4B2Z-24 YT4B3-24 YT4B2-24 YT4A2Z-24 YT4A2-24 LR4A3-24 LR4R3L-T6 LR4B3-23 LR4B5-23 LR4N5-23 PARTS.


FAST GEAR 8JS105T/8JS125T/8JS160T, 9JS180T/9JS200T/9JS240T, 12JSDX160T/12JSDX180T/12JSDX200T gearbox assembly and parts.

18.QIJIANG gearbox assy and parts.


HANGZHOU ZF&ADVANCE gearbox, LIUZHOU ZF&ADVANCE gearbox BS428, WG180, WG181, 4WG180, 4WG200, 6WG200, XB230, YB310, YD13, YD50, YL13, YDB341, ZL20-BS428, ZL40/50 assembly and parts.

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