• What can TOP RUN do for you?

    What can TOP RUN do for you?

    We can do fast Parts catalogue checking, Free Technical Support and FREE Repair Consulting We supply you multi-brand parts purchasing with different qualities and costs alternatives, from genuine spares to OEM parts, as well as good quality copy parts.

    Urgent Order Service-- Upon urgent request from customers, we will give priority to parts inventory checking and ship out by the fastest courier among DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc without delay. In most cases, the customer will get the part within 3-7 days.

  • The best after-sale service

    The best after-sale service

    Free installation guide--on customer's request, we would give free fixing and installation guide.

    Warranty period--The warranty period is 3-6 months for different parts, counting from the delivery date.

    SCOPE OF WARRANTY--During the warranty period, TOP RUN undertakes to replace or repair without cost any failure in the parts or operational failures that correspond to a defect of the part by assembly or manufacture. In case of a claim on a part damage or lost in course of shipment , we will assist customer to deal with the courier. Parts of common consumption and wear, as well as those that have a useful life, are excluded from the maintenance and warranty process. For more detailed information on the warranty of our equipment please consult your sales consultant.

  • Package & Delivery

    Package & Delivery

    About Package

    For smaller parts, we usually pack with strong cartons. If some parts are heavy but not very big, especially some iron parts, we usually put in a strong carton, and wind it with strong film and cellulose tape to avoid any possible damage during transportation.

    For bigger orders, we usually pack with ply wood boxes, and seldom use hard wood boxes. We prepare a lot of ply wood box with dimension of 100.00*100.00*100.00(CM) and 110.00*110.00*110.00(CM). If you need any certain size, we can ask the carpenter to make according to your size. According to our expeirence, there is no damage and lost if pack with such box. Otherwise, we can also add stickers on each part. Because the sticker are with information of part name & numbers, so it is convinient for you to find each part when arrive.

    Here are some package examples for your reference:

    About Delivery

    For small orders, we can send at once in one or two days after payment, because we stock a lot of easy broken spare parts in our warehouse.

    For bigger orders, we can also prepare very quick, because of our good reputation in this area, our logistic partners give us very good support. They can help to send us parts from arround China in a quick speed. This is very important to ensure quick delivey for our customers.